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K&B Molded Products Featured on for Turnkey Manufacturing Services

The world turns a closer eye to turnkey manufacturing. K&B Molded Products was recently featured in an article on, a leading publication for engineering news that offers relevant content and highlights from the industry.

endless possibilities with turnkey manufacturing

The article, titled “Turnkey Manufacturers Simplify Injection Molding,” features Ed Kuhns, director of Sales at K&B, and Joe Berberich, K&B President. Together, they explain the benefits of using a turnkey manufacturer for injection molding applications.

The idea behind turnkey manufacturing is to work with a manufacturer who can complete a project from start to finish. This reduces the risk of inaccuracies in production, which often arise when a customer employs separate mold vendors and injection molders.

K&B Molded Products is a highly-regarded turnkey manufacturer – a mold vendor and injection molder combined into one.  As such, K&B educates their customers on which materials will be best to use for their specific project, and how to move forward with the design process most effectively. If they are involved in the project from its inception, they should have the information necessary to serve their clients to the fullest possible extent.

“Our best advice to manufacturers is to get your turnkey provider of choice involved as early as possible in the design process for the best value for your dollar.”

Joe Berberich

If they know how the final product will be used, they can provide critical advice for production.

Kuhns recalls some horror stories from clients who didn’t use a turnkey manufacturer. He warns of the risks, which include brand theft as well as general mistakes in production. If a supplier has cheap materials and quick turnaround times, customers may want to steer clear; these are often the companies that steal materials and specs.