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The Benefits of a Full-Service Manufacturer vs. Specialized Manufacturer

Let’s take a deep dive into how full-service custom manufacturing can help you save time, money, and hassle. This free download offers a detailed look at the many benefits of working with an experienced full-service team.

A full-service manufacturer simplifies your production process by managing all aspects of production in-house. From design and materials selection to large-scale production, packaging, and fulfillment, you can streamline your process by keeping it all under one roof.

The alternative is the traditional approach, where various manufacturers specialize in one aspect of production. To complete your project, you must contract with each of these manufacturers, all of whom will do their part before passing it on to the next company. That requires more transportation and logistics, higher costs, and a greater risk of delay, damage, or error.

The Benefits of a Full-Service Manufacturer

Plastic injection molding is one area where full service is ideal. With one source for design, engineering, prototyping, and production, you can ensure that your product is manufactured quickly and efficiently, within tight quality specifications. Working with a full-service manufacturing partner comes with a number of benefits:

  • Simplified Project Management: The various departments within the company are communicating about your project. By having project management, control and problem-solving under one roof, you only have to check in with one company to see how your project is going.
  • Reduced Risks: Your entire project is completed under one set of quality standards. You reduce the risk of damage during transit because you don’t have to ship your components and products from one manufacturer to the next.
  • Maintaining Consistent Quality: No matter the size of your production run, it will be handled from start to finish under a centralized quality control system that meets industry standards and regulations.
  • Streamlined Inventory: It’s easy to track what components and supplies you have on hand, so you can order more and get started on the next batch without delay.
  • Broad Range of Capabilities: From engineering and prototyping to production, finishing, assembly, shipping, and more, your full-service manufacturer has the equipment and the experience to manage all aspects of your project.
  • Maximum Efficiency and Savings: Reduce shipping costs and turnaround times while minimizing the risk of costly production errors or delays.
  • Scalability: If you find you need to scale your production up, you only have to contact one manufacturing partner, and they will make the adjustments for you.

Cost Analysis of a Full-Service Manufacturer

Full-service manufacturing helps you save time and money, but understanding that is not always as simple as comparing the price tags. A company that offers a single service may offer it at a lower price than your full-service option, but you have to add in the cost of packaging and shipping the component to get it to the next manufacturer to complete the next step.

You should also factor in the risks of doing so: not only does that shipping process take time, it also puts your products at risk of getting damaged or lost. The cost of replacing them (not to mention the lost time as you reproduce them) can quickly overtake any upfront savings offered by a single-service manufacturer.

Furthermore, managing logistics takes time and adds hassle to your workday. Instead of sourcing multiple manufacturers, communicating between them, scheduling shipments, and more, you can take it all to a full-service manufacturer and enjoy one point of contact for your streamlined project.


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