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Are Your CAD Drawings Affecting Turnaround Time?

Computer-aided design (CAD) drawings are the basis of the vast majority of industrial projects.

beginning of a cad drawing

A comprehensive set of CAD drawings is vital to the manufacturing process. Manufacturers, from job shops to large-scale injection molders, prefer to work from 3D CAD files. Many, in fact, require them.

But the complexity of these file types can sometimes lead to errors, slowing down your plastic injection molded project’s time to market.

For the Best CAD Drawings, Work with Turnkey

Working with a turnkey manufacturer is one way to ensure your CAD drawing is accurate and creates a seamless transition to design. Turnkey manufacturers become your partner for the entirety of the production process, from conception and design to packaging and delivery.

Tool professionals from these manufacturers provide master-level skills in CAD drawings to determine the equipment required to manufacture a particular part. This equipment can be traditional tools and dies for stampers, or unique molds in the case of plastic injection molding.

Every part of the manufacturing process is built upon those tools and dies. Any inaccuracies in the original CAD drawings, even just one millimeter difference in one measurement, will inadvertently be carried throughout the entire process. Rectifying the error would require expensive reworks — including remaking any tools, dies, or molds that were used — and can lead to significant extensions of turnaround times.

Working with a turnkey solutions provider carries a number of benefits.

By using a trusted third party to fulfill your manufacturing processes, you can achieve notable reductions in both production and overall product costs. Turnkey partnerships also benefit your business as a whole — trusting production processes to a turnkey manufacturer frees up your skilled workforce to focus on developing new and innovative products instead of producing the last one.

Perhaps most importantly, working with a turnkey manufacturer provides you with a second set of eyes on your project. Every turnkey company has its own team of highly knowledgeable designers and engineers — they work proactively with your own team to ensure that your product designs are the best that they can be, and that your CAD drawings are completely accurate.

Turnkey with K&B

K&B Molded Products, an injecting molding turnkey services company with over 50 years of experience, has a team of experts who will work closely with you, from idea to delivery, to ensure your products are of the highest quality possible.

To learn more about how a turnkey manufacturer can assist in the injection molding process, download our eBook, “Benefits of Using a Turnkey Manufacturer,” for free today.