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Custom Plastic Components

For prototypes or very low volume production, milling and machining are typically the most effective manufacturing process for plastic components. However, once volumes increase, injection molding can provide significant cost savings by providing a reduction in both cycle time and material usage.

Injection molding also provides a high degree of design custom-injection-moldsfreedom, allowing customers to design one single molded part in place of several machined components. Once set up, the injection molding process can be automated to a large degree, reducing labor to a fraction of that required by other manufacturing processes.

The first step to developing injection molded components is the tooling design. Molds used in the injection molding process must be machined to precise dimensions and must be made from high strength metal alloys such as tool steel.

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An experienced designer should be used when undertaking a new injection molding project to ensure that the design takes the material, required dimensional precision, and expected production volume into account. At K&B Molded, we have been providing customers with injection mold design and fabrication services for 50 years. A range of OEM customers in the HVAC, marine, aerospace, automotive, and numerous other industries rely on us for our experience and dedication to quality.

Computer aided design and mold simulation are invaluable during the development process. By simulating the material flow and anticipating the stresses that the mold will experience, tooling can be optimized before any machining takes place. This saves time and money during the actual manufacturing of the mold. Injection molding tooling is a considerable capital expense, but depending on the production volume, these costs are quickly recuperated as a quality mold can produce millions of parts through its life.

Engineering changes due to product life cycles can be incorporated into the mold as needed throughout the evolution of a product line. By anticipating part volumes and product changes as much as the market will allow, we can support customers in optimizing their supply chain while minimizing part costs.

At K&B Molded, we are capable of providing customers with expert guidance and unrivaled service through every step of the development, design, and manufacturing process. We can help customers make sense of different manufacturing methods and options available to them in order to ensure they select the optimal process for their given application.

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