Repair and Maintenance for High Quality Molds

Molds used in the injection molding process represent a significant investment. With proper maintenance, high quality molds should last through many production runs. However, eventually, even high strength steel molds will begin to show signs of wear.


This wear can lead to excess flash, part deformation, and in general cause a high degree of inconsistency, which will eventually result in a large percentage of reject parts.


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At K&B Molded, we can often repair existing molds and bring them back up to specifications, saving customers thousands versus the cost of new tooling. If another injection molding facility has not properly maintained a customer’s tooling, or did not adequately design the tooling from the outset, we can diagnose the issues and present a range of solutions to the customer.


Using precision machining and welding techniques, most molds can be repaired and refined to remedy any quality issues. We have been machining and repairing molds for 50 years and utilize advanced CNC milling and turning equipment to ensure that precision tolerances are held during the machining process.


For engineering changes, the mold can often be modified by first modeling the change in a CAD program and then applying the new features to the tooling itself. One of our specialties is accounting for engineering changes for OEM customers throughout a product line’s life cycles. By partnering with OEMs to create molds that are adaptable to multiple product life cycles, tooling costs can be minimized while customers can achieve maximum return on their molding investment.


The quality of molds is paramount to producing accurate and consistent plastic parts. A part cannot be more accurate or precise than the mold in which it is produced. We understand what it takes to keep molds in spec and can assist customers who have existing molds in any state of disrepair.


Rather than just a vendor, many customers in the HVAC, marine, and other OEM industries consider us a valuable extension of their design and engineering team. Collaboration is the key to determining the optimal repair or revision solution for any application. For additional information about mold repair, contact us directly.